We are always on the hunt for interesting new plants as well as innovative ways to add greenery into your event, gift or property. Our range is  much broader than the sample selection we have online so if you are looking for unique plants or have a creative design in mind we would love to help with a range of options.


The plants are the main feature however pots and pot covers are an essential part of the display.

Do you want them to blend into the surroundings or act as a feature as well?

At Green Space Melbourne we have a selection of pots, planters and pot covers in range of colours, materials and textures that suit many uses however we also have a customisable range to suit your style, pot sizes or key colours in your event. 


Of course we have a full range of pots for your needs. Our main ranges are white (with a slight speckle), charcoal and concrete look. We are also able to source a specific look upon request. Most of our range come in Small, Medium and Large sizes. 

Pots are also available for purchase.


Kumo Covers are exclusive to Green Space Melbourne. They are made in Melbourne from a fabric that looks like paper but is washable like fabric. Kumo covers come in Light Grey, Black and Natural colours and are available in customisable sizes. 

Kumo Covers are also available for purchase. 


Seagrass Baskets are a great alternative to a traditional pot as they add texture, point of interest and are right on trend. At Green Space Melbourne we are also able to customise colour and pattern to fit into your events colour scheme or branding. 

Seagrass baskets are also available for purchase.


We also have Timber planter boxes, plant walls and shelving. If you are after something truly special we can create a custom solution for your space and needs. 

Enquire about options we have or what designs we can create for you.